Majestica – Above The Sky

Majestica – Above The Sky

  • 06 Jun. 2019
  • Artist: Majestica
  • Released: May 7, 2019
  • Genre: Melodic Power Metal
  • Posted by: Honey Badger

These days Tommy Johansson is best known as the guitar player of the Swedish power metallers Sabaton. joining the Swedish Pagans in 2016. But long before that, Johansson was already building an impressive career with his own band ReinXeed. recording and releasing 6 studio albums from 2008 (The Light) until 2013’s Welcome to the Theater when the band went on a hiatus, until now, as the band has reformed, with a new record label (Nuclear Blast) and are about to release a brand new album under the re-branded name Majestica (taken from ReinXeed’s 2010 album The Majestic). Now moving forward as Majestica, their brand new album Above The Sky will be released on May 7, 2019. Tommy will once again handle the vocals as well as guitars, joined by fellow guitarist Alex Oriz and bassist Christ David.

Regarding the name change, Tommy states, “It’s been many years since we last released an album, so we decided to ‘start over’ as a new band, Majestica, instead. It’s not only a majestic and epic name for a power metal band from Sweden, it’s also a tribute to the album »Majestic« that we released with ReinXeed in 2010. We came up with it and it sounded great, it felt perfect for this kind of music and just feels right.”

For those who have followed the career of ReinXeed wondering what to expect from Above The Sky, and if the sound will change along with the re-branding, fear not! Above the Sky is 10 songs clocking in at 55 minutes of pure old school melodic power metal in the tradition of Helloween, Stratovarius and Gamma Ray, symphonic elements, strong anthemic choruses, intricate guitar solos, soaring lead vocals by Johansson himself, and powerful drumming provided by ex-Helloween skinsman Uli Kusch.

The album was recorded with guitarist Alex Oriz (Soundgarden Studio/Studio Oriz) and Ronny Milianowicz (Studio Seven), who also mixed the record and took care of the production alongside Tommy Johansson (guitars, vocals). Mastering duties were handled by Tony Lindgren (Katatonia, Angra, Enslaved etc.) at Fascination Street Studios.

A flurry of bass guitar riffs and Johansson’s high pitched metal scream herald the start of the title track, a fast-paced power metal anthem with rapid fire double kicks, heavy guitars, a melodic verse that is reminicent of classic Helloween, and culminates in a soaring anthemic chorus. Next up is Rising Tide, another power metal gem that has elements of classic Metal Opera era Avantasia and Stratovarius. The Rat Pack is another Helloween inspired medium paced keyboard infused metal track that is filled with glorious soaring melodies and multi-vocal harmonies.

Majestica slow things down a tad on the tongue-firmly-planted-in-cheek mid-tempo metal of Motley True. This song’s silly and purposefully cheesy lyrical content shows the influence that becoming a member of Sabaton has had on Johansson. The Way To Redemption brings the speed and power roaring back with a vengeance. Kusch proves why he is still one of the best power metal drummers in the business today. The song has plenty of killer guitar riffs, keys, and strong vocal work by Johansson.

The band shows more of their Swedish sense of humor with a homage to the 1980’s on Night Call Girl, featuring chugging guitars and synthesizers that recall classic Final Countdown era Europe. The melodic chorus is infectious and catchy as hell. Future Land is another 80’s inspired keyboard heavy metal track that recalls classic Helloween with its use of harmony guitars and vocal melodies.

The Legend is a curious mix of power metal influences such as Freedom Call and Edguy with a keyboard melody that brings back memories of The Final Countdown. Next up is Father Time, one of the major highlights of the album which finds Majestica channeling their inner Queen and infusing it with a shot of adrenaline and true glorious and fun power metal. The last quarter of the song is a nod to the operatic chaos of Bohemian Rhapsody with multi-layered vocal harmonies and symphonic bombast. If Queen went full-on power metal this is what it might sound like. Alliance Forever ends the album in grand fashion with a “majestic” metal track that starts off mid-tempo and gradually builds to a fantastic crescendo with a chorus filled with strong vocal melodies and glorious harmonies in the tradition of Stratovarius and classic Sonata Arctica.

With a new name and new record label, Majestica have arrived on the European power metal scene and with their excellent “re-debut” they are out to prove that the sky is truly the limit!




photo credit: Pavel Koubek

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