Vortex of Clutter – A Praise to Extinction

Vortex of Clutter – A Praise to Extinction

I wanted to end the year by an album with which I spent a lot of time this year… Yes, I love it to bits and I wanted my readers to experience this awesomeness, too.. If they haven’t already 😉

Now, where to start…

It’s like an explosion of a metal sound that’s done gloriously. The band seem to have set down their path of death metal flawlessly mixed with progressive elements. Top notch songwriting coupled with talented musicianship. Every time I listen, I want to sing along, as the songs just swell up inside and burst with energy. Relentless, punishing, unforgiving! An intense listening from beginning to the end!

The formula they use is so perfect: they don’t focus pure on one element (heaviness, complexity or songwriting) at the expense of another but achieve exceling at all. All the elements seem to flow together on this album, mesh perfectly into place and form an addictive combination. Kudos! The album owes this success mostly to brilliance of both the composer and the guitarist, Zafer Tunaboylu who also has great vocal abilities.

It’s hard to decide which closes the deal for me. Is it the sheer catchiness of this album? The brilliant work of technical wizardry? Or the brutality that would astonish any metal fan?

The entire album is chock full of shining moments and great ideas They deploy irresistible hooks here and there keeping you anchored. It even gets weird at times which makes it an even more interesting listen. It’s like a big melting pot of different styles and approaches, with each colour being a different style. A harmonious blend of conventional structure with experimental ideas, melodies, textures and time signatures.

Songs are concise, punches to the stomach that never feel too short, never linger. These guys are clearly in touch with their creative side but that’s not all. They must have invested their time in structure too as they masterfully deploy parts and use them further enhance a song. It’s sometimes a breakdown, sometimes a solid outro (especially Disgust, oh man I wish it was a bit longer!) Sometimes a soulful solo (Emancipate Violence comes to mind). These guys truly write songs down to a tee. Each song is so epic, well-produced, and bombastic.

At times they tone down the aggression just a tad and focus more on the thematic, melodic and progressive elements, then boost way up again. Poor instruments taking physical abuse as the songs go through many changes with twists and turns. There is no rest for you during the whole listen!

Along with the very catchy songs like A Praise to Extinction (the title track which is certainly one of the album’s highlights), Emancipate Violence and Xochiquetzal which command your attention instantly, there are other solid songs that take you a few listens to appreciate their true value like Dirt, Disgust and Inns of Evil.

They wear their influences on their sleeves, such as Mastodon, Slayer, and Opeth at times. But none of them are prevalent throughout the album.  They are like nodding to the masters and sort of showcase what they are capable of and move on.

Vocally, the band cover a very wide range utilizing three members; Gökhan gets the deeper growls, while Zafer and Ali tackle the higher howls, guttural shouts, high-pitched shrieks; which makes their music very dynamic in the vocal department.

The album features some absolutely stunning guitar work, it’s full of mighty riffs and solos, dropping my jaw to the floor at many points. They are layered and harmonized to perfection. Calculated insanity!

Overall this is a brilliant piece of art, a brutal assault on your ears. It’s an ambitious, elegant and quite inventive album that kicks ass and doesn’t apologize for it. If you looking for a get the f*ck pumped up music, you really can’t go wrong with this album.

Vocals : Gökhan KOÇ
Guitar- Vocals : Zafer TUNABOYLU
Guitar : Ali SAK
Bass : Furkan GÜLENÇ
Drums : Rıdvan BAŞOĞLU

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