Brit Progressive Metal Giants TESSERACT Wielding The Cosmic Hypercube Finally Set Foot in Istanbul
07 Jul. 2019

Brit Progressive Metal Giants TESSERACT Wielding The Cosmic Hypercube Finally Set Foot in Istanbul

What a great year has it been for us Turkish prog fans, after a long period of hopelessness and anticipation, our favorite “nerd metal” bands from all over the world finally grace us with their presence. Needless to say we were not the only ones that have been waiting to see our beloved band.

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that TesseracT is their own genre at this point, their diversity and uniqueness places them very high on my list of favorite bands. Which is why I had to get to the venue early to take my place in the front row. After landing in Istanbul, I immediately went to Zorlu PSM and to my surprise, I met with a few people that came all the way from Tehran and Beirut. After getting our well deserved dopamine from discussing music with each other, they told me about their journey, the hardships they went through and their impression of the local crowd. I am once again reminded we take many things for granted.

I have been to many concerts at the %100 Studio, it’s a small but an intimate venue. You get a pretty clear view of the stage from every corner. The stage production is top notch and I guess they provided the band with what they needed, both in terms of sound and light. Special thanks to the stage manager of Zorlu PSM for giving our Lady all his support during her interview. Oh the interview! Senem spoke sat with Daniel and James right before the show for an interview. I’m pretty sure she is editing the video as we speak. So be on the lookout for it!

Anyways, time of the day arrived and TesseracT was on stage, I could see the excitement in their eyes from visiting a first time crowd. As the crowd cheered, they responded with an entrance ill never get tired of listening to, Acceptance. When that first breakdown hit, we were as engaged as we could be. By the end of Importance, my neck was already sore and I was glad we could match Daniel Tompkins’ massive energy on stage. As we thought we could relax with the ambiance at the end, we were thrilled to be shaken again by the punchy entrance of Luminary.

Photo Credit: 100% Studio

As it got harder to bang our heads to the lovely complex Nocturne, the crowd wasn’t ready to give up. The feels in the room was surreal when they played from the emotionally strong groovy album Polaris, as the crowd gave their own show to the band. I saw people tearing up with Hexes, and when we all sang along together to Phoenix, Daniel gave us a shout out.

I’m glad TesseracT appreciated everyone in the room, they were having so much fun. James was smiling constantly, he gave me a nod of approval as I kept up with his riffs and the lyrics. They giggled together with Jay and Acle, even our serious friend Amos a.k.a. Lord Elrond. I guess Daniel really enjoyed what he was doing with the Viking dances in the Evelynn video (from White Moth Black Butterfly), because he gave us a great show with those moves, what an energy on that guy.

TesseracT’s signature unique sound showed itself on the setlist as we were hit again by the powerful hits from Sonder and Altered State. You could see people channel the anger from the heavy hitting riffs and screams of Smile and King. I myself was jumping and punching the ground. Crowd favorite Of Matter was beautiful, many cheered and teared up, however I wished they didn’t leave out Resist because I’m sure the strong emotional outro would suit the people in the room well.

I found ending the concert with Juno smart, I think it represents the overall sound well with a great outro. Everyone was so happy with their messy hair and sweat, it was the first concert I’ve ever heard people shout how great their experience was, checking if others felt the same. After assuring us they would come back and giving everyone in the front row hugs, a shout out to Leprous who will be playing on the same venue on July 12th was given from Daniel. I was left very satisfied and they set a very high standard for other bands to come. I recommend everyone to go see their next show if they want to leave hypnotized and in trance.


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