07 Jul. 2012

Most Metal Wedding!

Hey folks!

A month ago, two of the most awesome people I know got married!

I was both from the bride’s and groom’s side, obviously – these guys are two people I know I’ll see whenever I go to a gig.

What makes this wedding special for me is more than my love for both the bride and the groom though… it is their ultimate coolness!

Here’s the story…

My loyal followers know my deep, sick love for Dream Theater… Guess who else is in love with DT? Yes… You got that right…

These two fell for each-other during Black Clouds & Silver Linings tour in Istanbul… God knows how many times the metal bride and I kept each other AWAKE sharing DT songs on FB… Begging one another to stop but keep posting… Even when we were in different countries…

The groom is a master of aviation history – I kid you not, he wrote a book! And here is a review of the said book! When Manowar were in Istanbul for Sonisphere, he was there visiting the catacombs with Mr. awesome Karl Logan – turns out these two are fellow model enthusiasts. Go figure! 🙂

In brief, here is a minute long footage from the most metal wedding!!


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    That’s awesome!!!

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