Ready for a metal journey?
03 Mar. 2012

Ready for a metal journey?


I know there are some of you out there who know me from various social networking sites for the songs, reviews, articles, photos and, videos I constantly share…

I now know that the music freak in me will not rest… Going through the motions of life, I often find myself exploring the  Northern European bands ever increasing in number but keeping it straight quality-wise; or digging out the gems hidden in the side projects of the musicians we all know and love… My passions manifesting themselves in the form of band management, promotion, booking, planning and all that in the past are now maturing into something more…

In short, I can’t stay away from music or the musicians..


So, here’s where I will put all my music-related efforts together. You will find that from time to time there will be interviews, album reviews, photos, videos, podcasts… pretty much everything you can think of about the bands you know and bands you wish you had all those years…

What exactly should you expect to see here?

Well, I’m a metal-head, so more often than not this will show… I will bring my own personal taste to the table along a list of a truck load of genres from death to metalcore … avant-garde to power.  My love of anything progressive is not a secret and with those who are or who will be prog-heads, we will have… So. Much. Fun!

Of course, heavy metal is not he only thing I will be focusing on – music is an endless ocean- and if you keep an open mind, it is quite possible that you will find yourself in unknown, deep, dark and exciting waters like I often do…

Now, less talk, more work… First wave of the stuff I put together is just killer! The legendary Bobby Kimball (of Toto, most prominently and previously) and Brent, the Iced Earth drummer will be with you with brand new interviews soon…

Enjoy the journey!


Lady Obscure

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7 Responses

  1. Dan Blaque says:

    When Metal and Beauty collide! Absolutely loving this webzine. It is my #1 stop on my daily “surf break” at work. Keep on-a rockin me baby!!

    • LadyObscure LadyObscure says:

      That was a beautiful comment Dan! Always welcome DT references on my webzine! Thank you 🙂

  2. genuug says:

    Welldone! I know your place will be heaven with such enthusiasm, and dedication to the real music.I am sure all heavy metal brothers and sisters appreciate this!

    Should confess the real journey starts when hypnotised by DT which tingles all nerves in my brain, so a Petrucci interview would be highly appreciated.

    Looking fwd to your new shares here!!!

  3. Eralp says:

    Hey Ladyobscure!
    A lot of people are desperately in need of a RSS feed to easily follow your blog.
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Nurettin Akkaya says:

    Yes lady obscure. We are ready for a metal journey with your Webzine and i guess it will be long and joyfull journey.

  5. Joop Boom says:

    Looking good, Nem!

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