Ansur – Sierra Day
04 Apr. 2012

Ansur – Sierra Day

Yup, another unusual group from Norway to share!

Actually, you might say the album in question today, Ansur’s Warring Factions, represents an excess in the sins of progressive metal.  Why?  For starters, this album doesn’t just embody a variety of genres, it dives right in to too many of them all over the album.  Whether they sound like 80’s metal, jazz fusion, extreme metal, country rock, death metal, or some other unexpected genre they show no hesitation to move in and out of them at their own whim.  All of this fits into an album laden with instrumental sections and solos, wouldn’t it need to be?  Worse, this is a concept album (of course it is!) with so little singing I still haven’t a single clue what ties it together.  Then, the singing is a sort of half growl if you will, which sounds like it might have been better off just being clean vocals at times.

…but wouldn’t you know this is one exceptionally pleasing of an album to listen to.  It might take a few listens to get past the twists and turns the album offers, but something really clicks and makes this an impressive, cohesive album.   Despite the fair number of criticisms regarding the album, I end up having no lasting complaints!

I wanted to feature Sierra Day, one of the best tracks on the album.  It captures their base sound pretty well and offers a surprisingly fitting, and terribly catchy, instrumental to close the song..  Somehow, they make the sax sound more appropriate in their music than many jazz fusion groups do.



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  1. Avatar yorost says:

    Glad you found it, and I agree the vocals are a bit of a road block, at least initially. After a few listens I started finding them oddly pleasant, though, and they don’t bother me at all anymore. It’s a hold over from starting out as more of a death metal band. They’re moving to clean vocals for future releases, as well as changing their name to distance themselves from that scene.

  2. Avatar JingleBoy says:

    Bummer … you had me intrigued. However “this track is not currently available in the United States”. Edit: found it on YT. Really dig the music; so-so on the vocals.

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