Blaze Bayley – Stare at the Sun
05 May. 2012

Blaze Bayley – Stare at the Sun

How does one recover from an overly negative tenure in a world famous band, after being replaced by the very person you were trying to replace?  Could be the end of a career, at least one of any particular interest.  One could wallow away in the opinion of others and never look forward.  Blaze Bayley?  How about release an album that leaves fans wondering why Iron Maiden failed to win them over with him?

Silicon Messiah was simply an amazing career recovery album.  Blaze made himself a creative  force to be reckoned with in the metal world.  Anyone that has followed Blaze will know there have been some rough times since he left Maiden, but he has persevered and continued to release strong album upon strong album.

One of the highlights of Silicon Messiah is in the closer Stare at the Sun.  A song that really puts on full display how epic his voice can be.  A sweeping composition, it shows off much more than Blaze alone.

Enjoy this live video from his official Youtube page and check out Silicon Messiah!

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  1. yorost says:

    Iron Maiden needed a change when Blaze came in, and I think X-Factor was a great album even if it took me a shot in the arm from Blaze’s solo career to appreciate it. I didn’t really give Blaze a fair chance while he was still in Maiden, but they had been stale for quite some time prior to Bruce’s departure.

    Blaze and Bruce are just different singers, neither sound that great on many of the other’s Maiden songs. Blaze did sound a lot better with the Di’Anno songs, or something grandiose like Fear of the Dark. Unfortunately for him, it was nigh impossible to avoid the songs that didn’t suit him.

  2. Schattenjäger says:

    Agreed emoshus. He is a very good vocalist and a musician. I don’t think any musician should be put in a position where they need to fill someone else’s shoes though.
    SH is so set in his ways *cough* like a proper ol’ bean * cough* his songs needed BD.

  3. emoshus says:

    I always feel sorry about how Blaze struggled to survive in Iron Maiden… Sure he did not have the versatile and catchy vocals of B. Dickinson but he was special on his own… and in fact, you can still hear his songwriting influences in I.M. material, especially in the first couple albums after his departure… I think he forced and enabled the band to get somewhat free from Steve Harris dominant songs and explore new horizons …

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