Blessed By a Broken Heart – Forever
05 May. 2012

Blessed By a Broken Heart – Forever

Something for you guys to check out: Blessed By a Broken Heart

Very interesting band.  Another bunch who are mixing genres/styles on albums and even mid-song. It’s actually a really smart and interesting trend that the Lady wants to focus here. With this kind of act, by hitting a bunch of genres at once, they hit a wider target audience with their music appealing to more tastes.  Not every body is going to like every part of every song, but they definitely can hook people in with different bits.

In this Blessed By a Broken Heart’s case: Glam/Corporate/Hair Rock, Highschool vocals, teeny bopper lyrical content, occasional rough vocal/scream-o, power metal hooks and vocal harmonies, some symphonic keyboards thrown in here and there along with an easy to digest 4/4 beat. It all works very well… you find yourself thinking… “ok… this is really simple stuff… I probably shouldn’t be liking this, but here I am bopping along in my chair”


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  1. Avatar JingleBoy says:

    With my best Austin Powers impression … YEAH BABY! Never once did I think “I shouldn’t be liking this”. This is scratching me right where I itch.

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