Evasive – Puzzle Box
05 May. 2012

Evasive – Puzzle Box

This is a recipe for how lighting strikes in the most awesome of ways. The Lady and I have been exchanging tunes for a short while now, and for the Lady, finding something I haven’t heard that is good is pretty much a matter of hitting shuffle and sending the first song to come up. For me, it is a much more arduous task. That is why when I do have success in finding a band that she hasn’t heard and is good, it is worth shouting about, which I am doing here.

Evasive is a Swedish metal band which released their debut album, The Cleansing, just this past April. Stumbling upon them by sheer accident, I took a chance and hit play, and was hit in the first few seconds by aggressive guitars and a voice of power and emotion. What impressed me the most though was the tight sound, especially from a band in their debut. The opening song, Puzzle box, moves through a torrent of sounds, driven home by pounding rhythm. The vocals live up to the band’s sound, aggressive but clean, with a great range. All in all, a total package which I was very impressed with, especially for a mistake find.

So if you’re looking for ‘obscure’ metal, it doesn’t get more so than a new band that the Lady didn’t even know of.



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