Jag Panzer – Bringing on the end
04 Apr. 2012

Jag Panzer – Bringing on the end

Hi folks!

Darn… There’s loads I want to share with you… As I mentioned along with the very first song I shared, it’s an endless ocean… Spinning around zillions of tunes, I finally decided to go with a very underrated band today.. Jag Panzer! A friend shared it on a music group and reminded me how I love their tune!

You might recognise the band from Chris Broderick who joined as the lead guitar to Megadeth a few years ago… He rocks hard… Although this song was recorded after he left the band, oh well, I really wanted to share one of their latest works  since it brings me great pain that Jag Panzer is not going to be creating any more. On 25th July 2011, they have made this announcement on their site.

But I am sure the members will be constantly adding to the heavy metal community… Modern heavy metal FTW


Hope you like it my lovelies!

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  1. JingleBoy says:

    Never heard of ’em. Look forward to discovering them… wow, big discography.

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