Marco Sfogli
04 Apr. 2012

Marco Sfogli

Hey folks!

Today, it is again the birthday of a musician I love. I love it when it is the birthday of a musician I have in my long list – makes choosing a lot easier.

I first found out about Marco Sfogli from James Labrie’s solo projects. Marco played the guitars both in  Static Impulse and Elements of Persuasion… By the way, I love the whole team there and I probably will write about Peter Wildoer very soon since I need to share Darkane and Non Human Level with you!

Anyway, today I’ve got songs from both Marco’s solo project and his progressive metal band Creation’s End. You might be wondering why no Labrie solo project songs… Ha! Don’t worry my lovelies, I might just be the biggest James Labrie fan ever existed so I will put everything he ever touched here over the years I will be with you… <3







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