03 Mar. 2014


Bio: Hans Sprungfeld (that’s me) and Tobias B. first started in 2007 with forming the “grindcore” band “Satanische Fahrstuhlmusik” (Satanic Elevator-music). We were just programming drums Tobias played guitar over and I screamed some stuff no one could understand. When we managed to get some other people to join us, we tried to practice in the basement of my house, but we always got into fights with our neighbour. Up to the point when he called the cops. So we looked for a way to make music with minimalistic equipment and the possibility to practice without the police showing up. In early 2012 Tobias Beleke and I formed SchreiKrachBumm  which roughly translates “Screamnoiseboom”. A little later Tobias’ flatmate Kristina Roth joined us and provided the female vocals. She also wrote some of the lyrics for the second EP.

Genre: Bands and Artist who do Nintendocore considered us as “fakebit” since we didn’t use an actual Gameboy.

I don’t feel very attached to a scene or a genre and I don’t want to.


Evolution of the initial musical and thematic elements:

Lyrics, themes and concepts: Most of the lyrics I write are essentially cynical jokes or expressions of my misanthropic views. And sometimes they are just stupid nonsense. Most of the times I just observe something, get an idea and write it down. Sometimes I get angry at the news, sometimes I get ideas while showering.
The lyrics I come up with don’t follow any rules like rhyme schemes or what you’re allowed to say and aren’t. I always try to break the second rule in particular. The lyrics are about the hypocrisy of people who consider themselves as “alternative”, our consumerist society, politics, capitalism in general, and bashing hipsters of course. When I am done with such chaotic, lyrical rants I pass them on to Tobias who then choose the best ones and wrote the music for them. And he did a brilliant job with that!.

Reception: The best compliment I ever heard was “pleasantly unpleasant”.

Future plans: Tobias and I are looking forward to get our next project going. It will be called “Krachwalze” and will focus more on live instruments, since with SchreiKrachBumm  we didn’t had much opportunities to play live. There are also plans to release all the unpublished stuff of SchreiKrachBumm  soon.

Composers: Tobias is the genius behind writing music for my crude lyrics. In rare cases, I add a little melody or a little detail, but Tobias really deserves the biggest credit for the conception of the music itself. He also wrote the music to Kristina’s lyrics.

Inspirations:There are many influences, for SchreiKrachBumm  but in particular I would name “Les Trucs”, “Stern Fucking Zeit” and “Gtuk”. I also really like Blackmetal but can’t stand the people nor their lyrics. But on every one of our releases you can find a Blackmetal themed song. On our last EP we did a mock-up of the “Nargaroth” song “Blackmetal ist Krieg”. Also math core and grind core had huge impacts on our music. Namely “The Dillinger Escape Plan” and the German Grindpunk band “Japanische Kampfhörspiele” Tobias is also into Indie and Post Hard-core.

Preference; cater to the audience or music for its own sake: If you’re trying to make art just to favour an audience, you’re not making art, you’re making advertisement. Advertisement is propaganda and propaganda is the natural enemy of art. I think that says it all.

Greatest Accomplishment: Publishing a song on the tribute sampler of my favourite band “Japanische Kampfhörspiele”

Anything else? Don’t tell other people that they should start a revolution and stop whining if they don’t; do it yourself.

Want more of SchreiKrachBumm? Visit their Facebook and Band Camp where you can actually listen to all their works!

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