God Mode’s New Single – Limbo
03 Mar. 2015

God Mode’s New Single – Limbo

God Mode is glad to present the new video “LIMBO” from the upcoming album named as “Hybrid Lying Machine”, recorded by Baran Ismen (Householde Music Production and directed by Mete Kekilli.

It will be second album of band and released at the end of April,2015.

Rytmic death metal riffs, emotional melodies, balanced breakdowns and unexpected endings can define the systematic of God Mode’s music. And the concept behind Hybrid Lying Machine is all about human transformation. This simile is based directly on accusing the conditions that force humans into becoming creatures that thrive on lies.  If you’d like to know more about the band, simply go to their Facebook page, YouTube channel, Reverbnation page or read the Q&A lady herself did with the band last year. 


1- Limbo
2- Genesis
3- Hybrid lying Machine
4-Generation – Z
5- Alienated
6- Healing Process
7- Kleptomaniac
8- 124000
9- 0100000101000100
10- Globe of Delusion


God Mode – Limbo (Official Video)

Limbo Lyrics

It’s killing me to look at
In to the eyes of unknown
Waiting for the day that comes
The true pulse

Ignorant stench comes all over
Hitting me like shock waves
Colorless synesthesia
Will this ever end ?

No matter how much you try
No matter who you are
Can’t pierce through eyes that
knows only dogmas

As time transform in to the limbo
Increasing tension
Minions of this uncertainty
Blazing society

Ideals dethroned
Rational decrowned
Let the war come at our doorstep
Let the blood rain from the sky
Let the hell loose upon us
This is how we die
The king is fool ?

Contact: goddmodee@gmail.com

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