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October 2012

  • Q&A With LOMM

    Neal Wakefield Interview

    Today I am with a talented prog-metal guitarist who is now working on first solo release. If you’d like to have a little taste while reading the interview, click away! Lady: Hi…

  • Q&A With LOMM

    Neil Rego – Enthrall

    Hey friends! Today, I am with Neil Rego whose (actually, solo) project, Enthrall, has released worldwide their album “Throes of Fire” in December 2011. Neil is a composer and a singer…

  • Interviews

    Shawn Gordon – Psychic for Radio

    Co-Interview by Lady Obscure & lonestar (Senior Editor) Lady: Hi Shawn. It’s nice finally having a chat with you about your new album ” Psychic for Radio”. As you know, I…

  • - Album Reviews

    Skinner- The Enemy Within

    Though they are defunct now, the San Francisco thrash metal band Imagika proved to be somewhat of a boom for the revival of the thrash scene in the Bay Area, spurning…

  • - Album Reviews

    Psychic for Radio- Standing Wave

    Psychic for Radio is a five year collaborative project by Shawn Gordon and Henning Pauly. Together, these two compiled a collection of brilliant musicians and vocalist together to create a wonderful…