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November 2012

  • Music News

    Alpha Flood

    Hey folks! I am here today to let you in on a development that made Lady a very happy camper! From the minds of great musicians, Alpha Flood emerges! Now, “who…

  • Q&A With LOMM

    Sean Parker & Scorpio Rising

    Hey guys.. Today I give you  British-born singer-songwriter Sean Bw Parker… He was nice enough to answer my questions! Lady: Hello Sean, well first off, how did the idea to move to Turkey come…

  • Specials

    Transcend – The Mind

    Review By t-man Hello Folks, Montreal based progressive metal band Transcend have finally gifted us with brilliant masterpiece debut double cd “The Mind” on Melodic Revolution Records that times in at…

  • Specials

    Oceans of Night- Domain

    Hey music lovers, I recently had a chance to post some questions to Scott Mosher, the mind behind Oceans of Night, let’s see what he had to say… First off, tell…

  • Album Reviews


    Rausch is of another breed entirely! Yep… I knew it when I contacted the man for the first time. But after interviewing the man couple of months later, I am even…

  • Q&A With LOMM

    Brian Ripps

    Hey folks! Today, I am with Brian Ripps – singer, guitarist and composer. Lady Obscure: Hey Brian! Could you tell me about how it all started? Brian Ripps: I began my…