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November 2012

  • Music News

    The Mascaron

    Hey folks! Recently found out about these guys and wanted to share with you right away! The Mascaron are Latvian and British musicians in a joint project, representing the melodic progressive…

  • Q&A With LOMM

    Bruce Malley

    I talked to Bruce Malley about his solo post-rock project, Pray for Sound which has released its debut album, Monophonic very recently. The album was inspired by Bruce’s struggle with hearing…

  • Türkçe İçerik

    Circus Maximus – Nine

    Grup: Circus Maximus Albüm çıkış: 2012 Tür: Progressive Metal Puanı: 5/5 İki muhteşem albümden sonra Circus Maximus hayranlarını birazcık bekletti, 5 yıl kadar! Tanıdık geliyor mu? Bu yıl 5 yıl aradan…