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March 2013

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    Sound Storm – Immortalia

    My tastes in metal run the gamut from thrash, melodic, traditional, etc, but my two favorite genres of heavy metal would be Prog and Power metal. There seems to be a…

  • Album Reviews

    Periphery – Periphery

    The ’00s may not have seen too many positive developments in music and metal in particular, but a rising trend in metal has been the ‘djent’ scene, a particular style of…

  • Album Reviews

    Panopticon – Kentucky

    For the better part of the year, I’ve been searching for albums that could potentially strike me in an emotional, heartfelt way. I’ve come across plenty that impressed me tons from…

  • - Album Reviews

    John Grant – Pale Green Ghosts

    ‘I am the greatest motherfucker you will ever meet…you could be happy 65% more of the time’ (GMF) Contained within these two lines is the giant contradiction which is John Grant:…

  • - Album Reviews

    Pretty Maids – Motherland

    Danish rockers Pretty Maids were formed in 1981 by vocalist Ronnie Atkins and guitarist Ken Hammer. Despite having moderate success and longevity as a band, Pretty Maids is only known in…

  • Specials

    Aeon Zen – Enigma

    In 2009, a band called Aeon Zen came out with “A Mind’s Portrait”, an album that, while rooted in what detractors may call ‘Dream Theater clone territory’- was impressive enough to…