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May 2013

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    PelleK- Ocean of Opportunity

    All journeys begin with a few humble steps, and the soft taps on the piano keys that open PelleK’s latest album Ocean of Opportunity are no different. They bring up the…

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    District 97

    District 97 district-97 0 Wed, 29 May 2013 17:48:27 +0000 hprog Hello there,  Lady Obscure friends! A few months ago I was listening to prog metal-based radio on Spotify and,…

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    The True Return of David Bowie

    David Bowie has released the title track from his new album ‘The Next Day’, directed by Floria Sigismondi, featuring Gary Oldman as a debauched priest, and Bowie himself as a medievally-robed…

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    Mortillery – Origin of Extinction

    Origin of Extinction is the sophomore effort from Edmonton revivalist thrashers Mortillery. A no-frills, no-holds-barred sonic assault, the album is a fond glance back to the great years of thrash, rather than…

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    Absolute Priority- Hunter

    Anyone who thinks that the powers that run the universe don’t have a wry sense of humor is sorely mistaken, or just hasn’t lived long enough to experience it firsthand. Now,…

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    Avantasia – The Mystery of Time

    There will always be a very vocal percentage of Tobias Sammet who feel that Tobi’s main band Edguy has forsaken it’s power metal roots for a more stripped down, straight forward,…