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June 2014

    Q&A With LOMM

    Perfect Beings

    Perfect Beings are a symphonic prog rock band from Los Angeles, CA. Their self-titled debut album was just released on My Sonic Temple, an independent prog label based in L.A. Bio: I…

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    Anathema- Distant Satellites

    Very few albums in my lifetime have had the immediate and lasting impact on me that the 2012 release by Britain’s Anathema, Weather Systems, did. Though the rest of their work…

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    Proud Peasant – Flight

    “Variety of mere nothings gives more pleasure than uniformity of something”, John Paul. Let me ask a question, “Are we happier being herded as sheep? Or do we like variety in…

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    Asymmetry – Redacted

    Keyboard virtuosos and technically proficient guitarists quite often come together to produce progressive jazz fusion albums with differing degrees of success. I reviewed Alessandro Bertoni’s ‘Keystone’, the self titled album by…

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    Sonata Arctica- Pariah’s Child

    In some of my previous reviews I mentioned I don’t mind the bands that always stay in their chosen genre and don’t add a considerable amount of variety to the music…

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    Nervosa- Victim of Yourself

    In all these years of good music, never I have met a Brazilian metalhead that is not totally badass, in one way or another. Seriously. They are all talented and skilled.…

  • Q&A With LOMM

    Jac Dalton

    Bio: If you were to add up all the years experience Jac Dalton have logged collectively in the Rock arena, there wouldn’t be much change left from a century-and-a-half. Cutting our…

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    InnerShine- Where the Spirits Wander

    Greetings music lovers, after a two month paycheck job-imposed hiatus, I’m back where I’m happiest, listening to incredible music and writing about it for Lady Obscure Music Magazine. Now I have…

  • Q&A With LOMM


    Bio: Gabe: I moved to Cleveland for grad school in summer 2007 and by fall 2008, I was itching to get into a musical project again.  I found a Craiglist ad…