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July 2014

  • Album Reviews

    Yes- Heaven and Earth

    What started you on your musical adventure? Which band influenced to go down the route you now follow, be it Progressive Rock, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Thrash Metal? There must have…

  • Album Reviews

    Abel Ganz – Abel Ganz

    When I first started to formulate this review my intention was to base it around the announcement of the so called ‘new’ Pink Floyd album and how we should really be…

  • Q&A With LOMM


    Bio: We’re based out of Columbus, Ohio and formed in 2011. The group has recently been reformatted from a four-piece alternative rock band to a somewhat unconventional two-man team with a…

  • Album Reviews

    Tim Bowness- Abandoned Dancehall Dreams

    “Humans are rather clever animals. We’ve managed to teach ourselves how to express ideas through written words, as well as emotions through art and music. Think about that for a minute.…