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September 2014

  • Specials

    Amaranthe – Massive Addictive

    Sweden’s Amaranthe took the rock/metal world by storm in 2011 with their self-titled debut, a genre bending mix of metalcore, anthemic soaring pop choruses, and electronica/techno/dance elements and their unique triple…

  • Album Reviews

    Noveria – Risen

    Risen from Noveria is the debut album from this progressive metal powerhouse that features two members of fellow Italian proggers DGM (keyboard wizard Emanuele Casali and bassist Andrea Arcangeli) and is…

  • Album Reviews

    Halo Tora – When the Bones Shake

    Hard and heavy rock can be intelligent and thought provoking as well as bloody well loud and powerful. That’s the kind of hard rock I like, less of the featherweight music…

  • Album Reviews

    Moheir – A Rough Soundtrack

    If you’ve read my article on The Resonance Rock Festival you will know how much of a life changing and life affirming event it was to me. One of the highlights…

  • Album Reviews

    Emmett Elvin- Bloody Marvels

    What do you want to get from music? Do you, like me, delve deep into the music trying to find the hidden depths, does it transfix you and take you to…

  • Q&A With LOMM


    Bio: Anthony: Our foundation is Daniel Beck, Rock Rollain, Ivan Schone, and myself Anthony Hoyes. We all met from working with each other in other bands. Dan and Rock were in…