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December 2014

  • Album Reviews

    Fractal Mirror – Garden of Ghosts

    ‘One man’s meat is another man’s poison’, sage words in the world of music. Just because I like a particular record does not mean that someone else will and, vice-versa, just…

  • Album Reviews

    Serious Black – As Daylight Breaks

    The term “supergroup” is used often to describe recording projects that involve a gathering of well-known musicians from popular bands who join together to release music under a new moniker, usually…

  • Album Reviews

    Divine Ascension – Liberator

    Australian prog metal outfit Divine Ascension first caught my attention in 2011 with their debut album As The Truth Appears (on Nightmare Records). In my original review for that debut album…

  • Album Reviews

    Harmony – Theatre of Redemption

    After 6 years from their last album, Chapter II:  Aftermath, the Swedish melodic metal group Harmony is finally back with their third full-length album, entitled Theatre of Redemption. Again spearheaded by…