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January 2017

  • Album Reviews

    Nightmare – Dead Sun

    Line-up changes are a common occurrence in the world of rock and metal music. Whether its ba members not getting along, the financial realities of being in a band, or just…

  • Album Reviews

    Firewind- Immortals

    Greece’s Firewind featuring guitar god Gus G. (who some of you may know as the current guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne’s solo band). Firewind has been releasing strong melodic power metal albums…

  • Album Reviews

    Hemina – Venus

    It’s been two years since Sydney, Australia’s prog metal masters Hemina released their sophomore effort Nebulae, but the time has finally arrived as the bands 3rd full-length release entitled Venus was…

  • Album Reviews

    Firewind – Immortals

    Sometimes in life, the way to get out of a rut is to change things up, try new things, and add some new exciting ingredients to spice things up a bit.…