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March 2017

  • Album Reviews

    Eclipse – Momentum

    Momentum is defined as the strength or force that allows something to continue or to grow stronger or faster as time passes. A better title could not be found for the…

  • Album Reviews

    Arkaen- Arkaen

    There is a reason why we, the authors at Lady Obscure, invest our time and passion in rescuing bands from the dark. Back in the day, when the Lady herself founded…

  • Album Reviews

    Brother Firetribe – Sunbound

    Brother Firetribe is an AOR band from Finland was founded in 2002 and includes in its ranks Emppu Vuorinen, guitarist of symphonic metal titans Nightwish . If you’re not familiar with…

  • Album Reviews

    MindMaze- Resolve

    Ahh the third album…. Many see it as a sign of finally coming of age, while to others it’s an unachievable goal marking a finality to the band. It certainly is…

  • Album Reviews

    Joey Concepcion – Alignment

    In the world of heavy metal, the guitar virtuoso has always been a staple of the genre more than in any other form of popular music. Whether it was the old…

  • Album Reviews

    Signum Regis – Decennium Primum

    Signum Regis, the prolific Slovakian power metal band, is already back in the studio and has recorded their 5th full-length studio album.  Interestingly enough, this album originally was intended to release…