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January 2018

  • Music News

    Video Spotlight: Glasya – Heaven’s Demise

    Glasya are a Portuguese symphonic metal band consisting of several members of the Portuguese metal scene, Eduarda Soeiro (also on Nightdream), Davon Van Dave (former Urban Tales, former Shadowsphere), Bruno Prates…

  • Album Reviews

    Frozen Crown – The Fallen King

    Frozen Crown is a new power metal band founded in 2017 in the northern Italian metropolis of Milan. The songs are written by keyboardist Federico Mondelli (Be The Wolf) and singer…

  • Album Reviews

    Voodoo Circle – Raised On Rock

    If you are familiar with German blues rockers Voodoo Circle, then you know what to expect when you listen to an album. A heaping helping of guitarist/band leader Alex Beyrodt’s meaty…