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You know how it goes – with number of awesome albums out there, you’d have to drop everything and browse music all the time. You might even fail your favourite band by getting to their new album one year after it is released.

That’s where we come in. Be warned though, depending on how we feel that day, we could analyse the album music-wise or lyrics might get more attention… If it is a concept album, for instance, you could find yourself reading about authors that have been dead for the last 50 years. We could explore easter eggs and references…

But mostly we would be identifying where the album stands in the metal scene so you would have an idea as to what you are in for. Even if you know squat about the band, after reading the review you’ll have an idea as to whether this album is for you or not…

All Things Fallen – S/T
All Things Fallen – S/T
By All Things Fallen

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