02 Feb. 2016

Q&A With AngelSeed


Can you give a little biographical and historical info; who is involved in the band, and how did you guys meet up? How the journey started?
The project was born in Croatia, formed by Damir Marijan MarasJurica Baljak and Sinisa Antunovic Medo. They were combining the basic of thrash metal and musical influences of different sub-styles,  mostly symphonic and power metal. It became seriously when Ivana Anic Lara decided to join them.
It was very obvious from the start, the songs were created with complex arrangements, so the first lineup with Tomislav Oliver (keyboards) and Luka Putica (bass) could not keep up the pace, so when have arrived the last two members; Jurica Bazant and Juraj Birin the project had become the band. Now consisting of six very talented musicians; from academically educated musicians to musicians with many years of experience performing and recording. Members of the band are; Damir Marijan Maras (rhythm-guitar), Siniša Antunović-Medo (bass), Jurica Baljak (drums), Juraj Birin (solo guitar), Jurica Bažant (keyboards) and Ivana Anic-Lara (vocal).

What your genre means to you, or why you chose this genre basically?
Angelseed is hard to squeeze in only one genre. Most of the people sort our music to symphonic power metal genre, but if you listen album carefully you’ll see that you can put us in at least 4-5 more genres, such as thrash metal, gothic, traditional metal , we even have folk metal influences and parts of the songs with classical music elements. As all band members come from diffrent music backgrounds it is normal that we implement diffrent music styles and genres on this album and every note we play means a lot to all of us.

How did the initial musical and thematic elements evolve?
Process of creating this album was pretty long and through all that time all songs evolved much from their original sounding. We work on every part of each song very carefully and try to avoid some traditional arrangements. So every song was built at the same way as builders build the house, and at the same way our songs evolved from the foundation to the interior design.

Are you happy with your product?
Yes, we are absolutely satisfied.

How has the overall reception been?
So far reception of fans and journalists are fantastic. We knew that we have a good album, but at the moment I can say that we didn’r expect reactions that good. We are very happy that peoplerecognize  like our work.

Is the band going to get more involved in performing live at somepoint? What’s next? Touring? Any international tours?
Definitely. Touring all around is our next goal. We already did one tour before we even release the album. We’ve been on 12 day tour which covered five eastern European countries. Next tour are already in process of booking, but this time we’ll be on different route, mostly in Scandinavia this spring. At second part of the year two shorter tours are in plan.

What do you see for your future? How is it looking?
We don’t think much about the future, ‘cos who knows what future can bring. But at the same time we have a high hopes, so, we will see what will happen. 

Could you tell us about the lyrics / themes /concepts you focus on
or plan to focus on?

Lyrics of songs reflects their attitudes about life, wishes, friendship, desires, love, sadness and happiness and thoughts of death and life in general. All combined with elements of fantasy, including different fictional characters, different Worlds and dimensions. AngelSeed is trying to give their fans some free space to extract their own conclusions and create their own ideas. Though the lyrics separate stories, at the same time they become a whole, if you approach them.

Which is more exciting? being on the road or studio?
It is very hard to say which is more exiting, ‘cos both has their pluses and minuses. I think every member of the band must answer this on his own. Personally, studio work and creation of somethin new give me really great feel of joy and excitement. From the other hand adrenalin rush of  live performaces is something which is almost impossible to describe. So, I vote for both – extitement on different ways

Who is composing the songs? Writing the lyrics?
AngelSeed music is deed of complete ban. We really understand this album as a creation of all six members no matter how much any of us influented at the final product.

Anything else you think your fans should know?
We will be very happy if you take one hour of your time and listen to our album ‘Crimson Dyed Abyss’ and hope you will like it. And if you like it we hope that we meet you somewhere on tour very soon.

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