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Anil Ozbek keeps releasing fresh Melodeath

His 3rd release and 7th song. The one-man melodic death metal project from Turkey: Anil
, strikes again with his latest single “PINKMIST”.
Anil Ozbek released his 5 tracks debut EP, “Omniscient”, in August 2019. It was quite
unusual for many; as he recorded, mixed and mastered the entire work by himself. The
production was not state-of-the-art but his deep melodies and determination were greatly
The EP was followed by a single called “Gorephase” in October 2019. The 25 years old man
kept doing melodic death metal all alone and this time he used adequate touches from brass
symphonic instruments.
And now, Anil Ozbek comes up with another single called “PINKMIST”, which is now
available on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, and all digital platforms. About the song he

An energetic and a dark piece of melodic death metal work, driven by anxious feelings and being hopelessly hopeful. The song is also angry about pharmaceutical

companies, using a pink mist metaphor to state their greed. Pink mist is a military

term used to describe the spray of blood after a body has been hit. I know it’s not the best topic to discuss during these coronavirus days.

Anil Ozbek claimed that he had obvious influences from At the Gates and In Flames.
Recently he has been into blackened death and black metal by Mgla, Behemoth; and death
metal by Decapitated and Cannibal Corpse. He dedicated PINKMIST to those who
experience mental struggles of any sort.

A full-length professional studio album is my main focus and my releases so far are just some experiments and some kind of a warm-up.

Anıl Özbek

Anil Ozbek is a recently joined member of the melodic death metal band: “In Revel of
Seduce” from Ankara, Turkey. He is also one of the founders of the Turkish metal band: “In
White”, which is currently on hiatus. “In Revel of Seduce” will drop their debut album shortly
and Anil Ozbek will be doing the vocals for it.

The social media links for Anil Ozbek are below:

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