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  • Q&A With LOMM

    Adriaaan Interview

    Jonno and Gareth from Adriaaan ( yes it is a Rocky reference :D) and I talked about the band’s career and their debut album There Will Be No Rest. Before we…

  • Türkçe İçerik

    Dawnfall’dan Yenİ Parça

    2005 yılında İzmir’de kurulmuş ve kurulduğu tarih itibarrıyla ismini Türk Rock camiasına yazdırmış bulunan Dawnfall yıllar içerisinde biriktirdiği besteleri yavaş yavaş gün ışığına çıkarmaya başladı ve geçen ay Phoenix From the…

  • Interviews

    Soren Andersen Interview

    Ten years later our Lady and Soren Andersen met again and talked about the new album of the talented musician , the guest appearances on it, composing experience for other artists…

  • Specials


    Hello pals, Today I felt like writing about a song and I chose a…. well a Dream Theater song… Surprise, surprise 😛 There is something interesting about this song. It is a…

  • Music News

    Single From The Obscure Season

    Guido Lisioli released a single through his experimental/soundtrack/ambient rock project “The obscure season” channel. Check it out if you enjoy dark and atmospheric vibes.Available on:… The Obscure Season “Dark star”…

  • Specials

    PLAYLIST FOR The New Week

    Hey folks!Looking for a quality playlist for the new week?Here is what kingshmegland prepared for you! I’ve always gravitated to bands that are willing to stretch the boundaries of music. Never…