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    Midnight Moodswings- The Surrogate Piano

    Midnight Moodswings are a band that released with ‘The Surrogate Piano’ a collection of cinematic songs where the minimalism of Philip Glass blends with the soundtracks of Angelo Badalamenti, the cozy…

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    Reactory – High On Radiation

    Thrash Attack ‘High On Radiation’ is the debut full-length album by promising young thrash metal act Reactory. Influences include the two major schools of raw thrash metal : the german one…

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    Relocator – Relocator

    Instrumental progressive metal with a broad keyboard range Relocator is a project blending the jazz-fusion of the seventies and the instrumental metal of the shredding guitarists of the eighties together with…

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    Shear – Katharsis

    A cathartic journey through female-fronted melodic heavy metal Shear are a young band hailing from Finland and playing melodic heavy metal where raging and “hopping” guitars are interspersed with pompous/”siren alarm”-like…