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    TerrorWay- Blackwaters

    When I first listen to album of any sort – whether to review or just enjoy – the key question is always whether the music catches my ear. Especially when reviewing…

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    Reign of the Architect – Rise

    There’s no denying that Rise, the debut album from international collective Reign of the Architect, is a hugely ambitious project. It is amongst the most complex records I’ve had the pleasure…

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    Postures – Postures

    Of the bands I’ve written about for this Lady Obscure Music Magazine, Postures are perhaps the most obscure, and information about them is hard to come by. Their press release, for…

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    Mortillery – Origin of Extinction

    Origin of Extinction is the sophomore effort from Edmonton revivalist thrashers Mortillery. A no-frills, no-holds-barred sonic assault, the album is a fond glance back to the great years of thrash, rather than…