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    Franck Carducci – Torn Apart

    You know how most progressive musicians are reserved and not just a little bit withdrawn? Is it in their nature due to the music they write and perform? Let’s be honest,…

  • Album Reviews

    Saul Blease – Daybreak

    “Youth has no age”, Pablo Picasso. “Good habits formed at youth make all the difference”, Aristotle. “What is he waffling on about now?”  You may ask. I listen to a large,…

  • Album Reviews

    Lonely Robot – Please Come Home

    I find that some albums worm their way into your affections. On first listen it may not resonate with you and you file it away for further investigation, then, after another…

  • Album Reviews

    Mike Kershaw – Departure

    In life one must progress, standing still leaves you mired in the here and now and you rapidly become the past. Humanity would not be what it is today without advances…

  • Album Reviews

    Fernwood- Arcadia

    Don’t you just feel like hiding away from the world sometimes, getting out of the rat race and jumping of that never-ending treadmill? I know I do, I don’t necessarily mean…

  • Specials

    Glass Hammer to Release 17th Album

    Glass Hammer confirm the release of their 17th album on March 31st. ‘Breaking Of The World’ is the follow up to 2014’s ‘Ode to Echo’ and respected studio engineer Bob Katz calls it the…