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    Raintime – Rolling Chances

    First heard Raintime, and Italian band, at a festival some years ago, I didn’t really know what to expect going in but had heard good things.  They blew me away ……

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    Stolen Babies

    The first thing you’re likely to read about Stolen Babies is that they came out of large performance group, an apparently insane one at that. Given their name and their music…

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    Arcturus – Nightmare Heaven

    From Norway, they’re related to Winds. The drummer on this album is also in Winds, and Winds also has an ex-member of Arcturus. Arcturus has two major eras in the band,…

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    Zero Hour – StratEgem

    Zero Hour is a band led by Jasun and Troy Lipton. Jasun is the guitarist and Troy is the bass player, and basically the band writes music that revolves around them…