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Beautiful piano cover of “Patience” By Doug Rausch

Doug Rausch is not a stranger to LOMM readers as our Lady reviewed his 2019 album RAUSCH – RAUSCH back in 2012. Here’s the artist’s latest message to the fans:

Up until now, RAUSCH has never formally released a cover song. Sure, I’ve paid my dues playing “other people’s music” for hours-on-end at the piano bars – and a BIG thank you to all who used to come out – but an “official cover entry in an artist’s catalogue” (did that sound snooty enough)? Now that’s something else entirely! As artists, with regards to that all-important music that shaped us – about which we say “I wouldn’t be here without X” –  there is an almost sacred respect for what it takes to “properly” produce & present a new representative version that the influencee can be proud to call his or her own. Otherwise, we’re here to create – not copycat! 

With RAUSCH Album 3 demos just about in the bag – yet stuck in a… “holding pattern,” shall we say (I know, I know…) – it once again feels ill-advised to risk even more time,  energy & delays [once recording does resume] for the sake of full-blown full-band interpretation of someone else’s music this next time around.  Yet this does nothing to mitigate my ever-present agonizing over how to best get some select heart-felt homages out there…what to do?!

On the brink of 2020 COVID shutdown, in true life-is-what-happens-when-making-other-plans fashion, the spirit had finally moved me to work up a few “proper” renditions of specifically targeted cover songs… on solo piano. Hand-picked, hand-played, solo piano official releases of RAUSCH. At first I was hesitant, but I now confidently believe these carefully cultivated covers will integrate & complement the greater RAUSCH catalogue quite nicely – and yes, I’ll even admit I probably should have done this a long time ago. 

While I did insist on representation from Guns N’ Roses (via highly influential 10-minute epic “Estranged,” video already up + official release happening later), “Patience” was not technically on the menu; it came out of my fingers as an afterthought – in warm-up – sitting down for the session. Technically, it’s one of the easiest songs to play, which is always dangerous because it runs the risk of turning into uninspired mindless autopilot. Still, in spite of all that, this cut of “Patience” came out unexpectedly Inspired, worthy of warming up this piano series the same way it warmed up my session; and commemorating the 1-year anniversary of COVID times, now more than ever, well… couldn’t you and I use just a little?

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