Black Crown Initiate

Black Crown Initiate

Bio: Jesse: We all played together in a band for a couple years, it was a local group. We did a lot of small clubs and short weekend tours. Not really having much success, you know, aside from becoming good friends and better musicians. In late 2013 Andy started black crown and when I heard the songs I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. I joined in early 2014 and we’ve been jamming it out ever since!

Genre: Jesse: If you asked each of us what we’re listening to at the moment, you’d get a vast range of music. We all love every type of music and draw influence from all over. I think it shows in the songs as they are definitely dynamic and utilize all kinds of musical styles.

Andy: Genres, to me, are ways for people to categorize music and explain something intangible with words. We simply hope to make emotional, dynamic music and to continue to evolve throughout our career. We hope our fans expect that of us.

Evolution of the initial musical and thematic elements: Andy: We wanted to make dynamic music that reflects life. We wanted music that is loud, quiet, fast, slow, and everything in between. We were all tired of playing in technical death metal bands with little to no emotional content. Musically, we wrote the EP with that in mind. Lyrically, I write about my personal life, but I use a great deal of symbolism from philosophies that I identify with.

Lyrics, themes and concepts: Andy: The lyrics are absolutely a reflection of my personal life. I think a great deal about the nature of reality and pain, and whether being a human is a type of “reality” at all, especially in the modern day. I draw a great deal of influence from Nietzsche, as well as Eastern spirituality, although I definitely pervert it all to fit my bleak, Western outlook.

Ideas about the album: Andy: I am quite happy with our music, and I have a blast making it with this band. I don’t really intend to dwell on what needs to be better, but we do stockpile ideas and things to try in the future. Expansion is key and we hope to carry that torch for as long as we can.

Jesse: I’d say were happy with it! We were going for a real, organic sound. Something real and natural, and we nailed that part. Our producer Carson Slovak really helped in that aspect.

Reception: Andy: The reception has been totally mind-blowing. When we started this band, we didn’t expect anything, let alone to get to tour and play our music for people all over North America. To know that our music affects people in any way is truly wonderful.

Preference; live or studio: Jesse: Truly they both have ups and downs. You could say they both have challenges and are very demanding, and both have long time rewards. Personally, I love touring and I think seeing the world is very exciting.

Next step; live or studio: Andy: We have been touring for the past six months with bands such as Behemoth, Goatwhore, 1349, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Rivers of Nihil, The Faceless, Fallujah, Unearth, and more. We hope to get to Europe next year, but will continue touring for the foreseeable future. Our full-length album “The Wreckage of Stars” just came out and we will tour on it for at least a year. Pick it up if you haven’t!

Future plans: Jesse: Well we’ve got a lot of plans, but we have no idea what the future holds!! Can’t wait to find out.

Andy: I hope to see more touring, at home and abroad. The future is looking very bright, and we will continue to work hard and not take any of it for granted.

Composers: Andy: Rik, Nick, and I channel the music together, and then we give it to Jesse to write drum parts. Then, the music is ready for lyrics.

Inspirations: Andy: The list would honestly be too long for anyone to read. More importantly, we draw inspiration from everyday life, and I think that’s why the music is relate-able.

Preference; cater to the audience or music for its own sake: Jesse: That’s a good question. Black Crown is its own thing and were going to make the music we want to create. I think there are so many bands out there, there’s no need to cater to an audience. People always change what they like, so you can never be sure they’re going to stick with you or not. The only real way to create moving music is to express yourself.

Andy: Music is always first. We will always channel honest music. The day we worry about what anyone else thinks is the day we should quit.

Greatest Accomplishment: Jesse: Well, this one time, I blacked out at a venue in Spokane WA. Woke up in the van and realized I lost my wallet. So I called the venue, and they shipped it to my house. When I got home the 50$ was still inside it. That was pretty rad.

Anything else? Jesse: I want our fans to know that we really appreciate your support, and we know that there’s a SEA of music out there for you to enjoy. I’m glad that you like what we’re doing, and I can’t wait to show you what comes next!! Come out to a show and have a beer with us, we would love to see you!!

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