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” All hope abandon ye who enter here”

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    Vanishing Point – Dead Elysium

    Artist: Vanishing PointRelease date: August 28, 2020Rating: 5 stars Genre: Melodic Power Metal It’s been six long years since Melbourne Australia’s power metal titans Vanishing Point released their last album, Distant Is The Sun. After…

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    Seven Spires – Emerald Seas

    Band: Seven Spires Genre: Symphonic Metal Release Date: February 14, 2020 Rating: 5 stars Boston- based Symphonic metal band, Seven Spires, made a huge splash on the metal scene back in…

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    Brothers of Metal

    Release date: January 10, 2020Genre: Power MetalRating: 5.0 Brothers of Metal is an eight piece metal band from Falun, Sweden featuring three vocalists, the powerful clean vocals of female singer lva Eriksson (Voice of the Valkyries),…

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    Pretty Maids – Undress Your Madness

    Danish hard rock legends Pretty Maids have returned with Undress Your Madness, the bands follow up to 2016’s excellent release Kingmaker. Pretty Maids has been on a roll since 1984 through…

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    Darkwater – Human

    Album:   Darkwater – Human Released:  March 1, 2019 Genre:  Progressive Metal Posted by:  Lacy Mucklow/Phoenix Rating:  5/5 Stars For fans of Swedish progressive metal band Darkwater, it’s hard to believe that…

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    Kobra & The Lotus – Prevail II

    Canadian hard rock/metal exports Kobra & The Lotus are primed and ready for their return to their quest for world domination with the release of Prevail II on April 27, 2018,…

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    Kamelot – The Shadow Theory

    For the better part of almost 30 years (!), symphonic power metal titans Kamelot have been releasing quality music since their formation in 1991, led by founder and mastermind, guitarist Thomas Youngblood. From…

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    Glaston – Inhale Exhale

    Being in the mood for something new and different, an attitude I wear like a favorite tee-shirt, I decided to “travel” to Switzerland and check out Glaston this time around. Experimental/Post…

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    Sault – Seeds of Power

    If you’re looking for a good old-fashioned hard rock/metal band, look no further than the new American band Sault. Sault is the creation of founding member and bassist Sean Tibbetts of…