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  • Lady's Questions and Answers

    Neil Rego – Enthrall

    Hey friends! Today, I am with Neil Rego whose (actually, solo) project, Enthrall, has released worldwide their album “Throes of Fire” in December 2011. Neil is a composer and a singer…

  • Lady's Questions and Answers

    Brennan Dylan

    Hey guys and girls! Today, I am with Brennan Dylan, a very interesting musician from LA – recently from NYC though. He plays the guitar and he plays it good. But…

  • Lady's Questions and Answers

    Jilly St John – Wyldling

    Hey guys! Today, I’m with Jilly St John from Wyldling! As Jilly herself explains: WYLDLING comprises of former front lady of ‘Laney’ sponsored act and Red Bull Bedroom Jam 2010 finalists,…