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    Single From The Obscure Season

    Guido Lisioli released a single through his experimental/soundtrack/ambient rock project “The obscure season” channel. Check it out if you enjoy dark and atmospheric vibes.Available on:… The Obscure Season “Dark star”…

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    Make Sure to See a Nekropsi Concert!

    What Nekropsi bring with them is the weight of importance.  For (non-Turkish) reference, Tool, The Mars Volta, Lighning Bolt and King Crimson all loom large, but Nekropsi’s musical and conceptual appeal…

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    PLAYLIST FOR The New Week

    Hey folks!Looking for a quality playlist for the new week?Here is what kingshmegland prepared for you! I’ve always gravitated to bands that are willing to stretch the boundaries of music. Never…

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    AFTERBIRTH release ‘Never Ending Teeth’ single

    Pioneering brutal band AFTERBIRTH have unveiled the second single from their forthcoming sophomore album Four Dimensional Flesh. The track, entitled ‘Never Ending Teeth’, showcases the album’s crushing progressive dissonance and unrelenting extremity.  Four Dimensional Flesh will…

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    My Dream Katatonia Setlist

    I thought I could keep it cool until I see Katatonia next week but no, I am losing my mind.. I am super excited to see them again (thanks to Vera…

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    New “DEAD END FINLAND” album is released today!

    Finnish melodic metal band Dead End Finland released their highly anticipated fourth album ‘Inter Vivos’ on January 24th 2020 via Inverse Records.  Guitarist & Bass player Santtu Rosén comment: “In terms of composition, Inter Vivos continues quite…