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Diamond Dave’s Top 50 albums of 2019

It looks like it’s that time where people come out with their top albums for the year, so I figured it’s time for me to release my own. This is only the third year that I’ve done this, and it’s amazing how many albums that I’ve listened to this year! There have been so many great albums this year that it’s hard to neck it down to a small number. I’ll limit my list to the Top 50 of 2019.

I wish to thank all of these bands for producing such great material this year. If anybody says to me that there isn’t any good music these days, I’ll give them this list and suggest that they start listening ASAP because all of the albums are top notch.

Some of these I know the band members personally, so please consider this a huge THANK YOU for the hard work that you’ve done.

I know I’m missing a TON of albums, but I’m limiting them to what I’ve listened to so far. I just can’t listen to them all So much good new music this year!

And I feel bad ranking any of them because they’re all good, so please don’t feel bad that you’re not at the top of the rankings, because all of these albums are just top notch.

Here are my Top 50 albums of 2019:

Evergrey – The Atlantic (Sweden)
Darkwater – Human (Sweden)
Voyager Australia – Colours In The Sun (Australia)
MYRATH – Shehili (Tunisia)
Ray Alder – What The Water Wants (USA)
Queensrÿche – The Verdict (USA)
Soen – Lotus (Sweden)
Dream Theater – Distance Over Time (USA)
Vanden Plas Official – The Ghost Xperiment – Awakening (Germany)
Timo Tolkki’s Avalon – Return To Eden (Multinational)
Avantasia – Moonglow (Multinational)
Alcest – Spiritual Instinct (France)
Pretty Maids – Undress Your Madness (Denmark)
Eclipse – Paradigm (Sweden)
Lance King Official – ReProgram (Multinational)
Sabaton – The Great War (Sweden)
Brave – The Calm-The Storm (USA)
Cellar Darling – The Spell (Switzerland)
Leprous – Pitfalls (Norway)
Saint Deamon Official – Ghost (Norway)
Signum Regis – The Seal of a New World (Slovakia)
Divided Multitude – Faceless Aggressor (Norway)
Týr – Hel (Faroese Islands)
All Things Fallen – All Things Fallen (Sweden)
Delain – Hunter’s Moon EP
Devin Townsend – Empath (Canada)
Beast In Black – From Hell With Love (Finland)
Arch/Matheos – Winter Ethereal (Multinational)
The Hu – The Gereg (Mongolia)
Wilderun – Veil of Imagination (USA)
Frozen Crown – Crowned In Frost (Italy)
Lacuna Coil – Black Anima (Italy)
Majestica – Above the Sky (Sweden)
Rhapsody Of Fire – The Eighth Mountain (Italy)
Teramaze – Are We Soldiers (Australia)
Elvening – Reder of the Runes – Divination (Italy)
Tool – Fear Inoculum (USA)
Finterfrost – Zerfall (Germany)
Mother of Millions – Artifacts (Greece)
Vision Divine – When All The Heroes Are Dead (Italy)
Visions of Atlantis – Wanderers (Austria)
Crystal Eyes – Starbourne Traveler (Sweden)
Twilight Force – Dawn of the Dragonstar (Sweden)
Hammerfall – Dominion (Sweden)
The Ferrymen – A New Evil (Multinational)
Within Temptation – Resist (Netherlands)
Ancient Bards – Origine – The Black Crystal Sword Saga Part 2 (Italy)
Dark Moor – Origins (Spain)
Knight Area- D-Day (Netherlands)
Astral Doors – Worship Or Die (Sweden)

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