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The band started touring in 2010. The founder and leader of the band is Wojtek Balczun. During the final phase of forming the band CHEMIA recorded in Vancouver the extended play “In the Eye” that was the first presentation of the band’s true sound. Partially it was due to the fact that Chemia started its cooperation with the vocalist Luke Drapala who was the perfect complement of the band’s style. In 2012 the band was invited to the Warehouse Studio in Canada to realize their true debut – the long play album “The One Inside”. After that Chemia have launched they tour across Canada and Poland. Last year the band have signed the contracts with the Agency group and at the moment CHEMIA is represented by Ralph James. CHEMIA is one of the most successful Polish bands playing modern rock. Their music can be heard on several Polish radio stations as their singles “Bondage of love” and “Hero” went to the top of the most important rock charts in Poland. What is more CHEMIA can be seen and heard live during various music festivals across Europe and overseas.

The current line-up
· Voytek Balczun (guitar)
· Matt Maka (guitar)
· Chriss Jaworsky (bass guitar)
· Adam Kram (drums)
· Raphael Stepien (keyboards)
· Łukasz Drapała (vocals)

Questions answered by Luke Drapala (vocals)


Everything started with Wojtek, our guitarist, in 2010. He was fed up with life of a businessman and sitting in the office (even though he was one on of the best managers in Poland) and playing guitar late at night in the basement. He loved music. We started to look for talented people who would share his passion and he created Chemia from scratch. We were all good, experienced and famous musicians in Poland. After releasing the album “Dobra Chemia” guys spotted me during some rock festival and I replaced the previous vocalist and Chemia as a band also changed its music „direction”. We didn’t want to play pop-rock. Zbyszek, who at the time was the leader of the band, disagreed with those changes and we had to split up. Since then everything only gets better and better. We’ve released „The One Inside” that turned out to be a success in whole Europe and maybe that is why we had the opportunity to play together with such bands as Deep Purple, Metallica, or Limp Bizkit during the Warsaw Orange Festival. Three singles from the album „The One Inside” reached the top positions of the rock radio’s charts in Poland but we still trying to reach the global rock market and play even bigger and more spectacular concerts. We have already performed in Moscow, various European cities and even in Hollywood during Global Rock Summit. We have just recorded our new album under the watchful eye of legendary Mike Fraser and we really hope You will love it.


At the beginning it was only about hot chicks but then we realised that we are all married and we finally reach the conclusion that we simply love rock. We love it so much because it allows you to express everything. You can show countless different emotion through rock music and it allows you to show your true self. And this is truly beautiful and sexy.

Evolution of the initial musical and thematic elements:

I think it was the other way round than it usually is. We refuse to calm down, to become more universal – we are rather looking for some kind of rock niche. You will be able to hear that on the new album. Obviously I am now talking only about the direction – not the final point 😉 Anyway it is the audience who will assess our work and maybe they will be able to answer your question someday.

CHEMIA-The-One-InsideIdeas about the album:

We don’t treat it as a product. It is simply the “resultant” of what each of us want to express. If we release it that it means that we are proud and happy with the result. Improve something? Maybe we should eat more fish.

But seriously – we would improve everything if we could but it doesn’t have sense. It is obvious that you can always do something better but I think it is better to carry on and do something new.


Since the release of “The One Inside” it is getting only better and better. We believe that we have chosen the right music direction – first of all because feel better with it and secondly because the reviews are better.

Next step; live or studio:

Now we are working on the new album that will be more „raw” but also more casual that the previous one. Actually we perceive our previous album „The One Inside” as our true debut. After releasing the new album we will launch the tour over Poland, Germany and Canada. We will also play the gig in UK (in Wales, in November) and in the USA. We would also like to finally visit China. It all depends on the reception of the new album.

Future plans:

We will be a little bit drunk, beautiful and we will have great muscles. We will ride horses and have loving women. One of us will invent the cure for all diseases and the other will establish world peace. Radom kids on the street will shout “DAD” to us. Or maybe not, that last one is not so funny… 😉

Lyrics, themes and concepts:

As I said everything starts with the riff. Wojtek would probably said that it is simply inside him and he had to throw it out through strings. After the riff there comes certain atmosphere and then everything goes smoothly. While I am writing the melody for Wojtek’s guitar I am trying to add my emotion to it. I don’t want to change anything but simply add „my part”. That all determine the words that I am writing. Finally it is the right atmosphere and Bourbon that decide on the themes of my howling.

Preference; live or studio:

They are two, totally different states of mind. If You have some experience You will realize that they cannot be compared nor You can say which one is more awesome. Studio is a place where something is born and remains forever, something that will be heard by the world. On the other hand the concert is something here and now. Only here and now.


In most cases Wojtek creates the riffs and the general base of the piece. Then he sends it to me and I write the melody. Then, if the rest of the guys like the idea we work on it during the rehearsals. In the meantime I come up with words, but honestly speaking first ideas appear right at beginning of the creation process.


If we are talking about the music inspiration we are looking for it in the whole rock legacy. It is really a huge part of music tradition and each of us prefers something else. From Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, through Van Halen, Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers or Muse and so on… But first of all I think we look for inspiration in ourselves, in what we are able to create. We want it to be truly ours.

Preference; cater to the audience or music for its own sake:

It is all about looking for people who are like us, who like the same things and as often as we do. That is why we have truly faithful fans. Music have to be true. The world already have huge fake tits…

Greatest Accomplishment:

The fact that we are still together 🙂 Seriously – we are totally different individuals but still parting together is quite awesome. The best is still to come, we really believe it.

Anything else?

You should know how to like us on Facebook. And also how to love and worship us 🙂

Label: DCM Records



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