What is it with Madonna!
02 Feb. 2013

What is it with Madonna!

What is it with Madonna. I’m sure there have been theses written on how she is a reflection of society, of postmodern feminism, of the public’s own obsession with surface glamour – but I can’t be bothered to read them. If her (public) eighties birth was a reflection of those nasty, greedy, vacuously produced times, then she has no place in the connected, aware, no bullshit climate of now.

Commitment issues. There is nothing this woman gets interested in which benefits from her patronage, be it erotica, the Kabbalah or the British aristocracy. She skips from area to area, reading the back cover of this or the BBC headline of that, absorbing, penetrating or being integrally affected by absolutely nothing. She propounds that her desperate attention-seeking is a product of the world, that she is her own woman, that she is free to suck from whichever stamen she chooses: I propose that she is a dysfunctional neurotic with chronic status anxiety, and an outdated and unquestioned need to be seen to come out on top of whichever area she stumbles upon that day. For Madonna to be a ‘role model’ to any human being is an affront to the species, never mind gender.

Her music has been rendered irrelevant, mostly by her. Her constant preoccupation with being looked at inspires substantive disinterest in the potential pop listener. The fact that her major record label has the money to promote her ADD fast-food music so heavily as to bore the already bored and over-saturated listening public to distraction is key in defrocking her emperor’s new clothes nonsense. Her voice is un-nuanced, her lyrics banal, composition and arrangements conservative and tired, production trendy and populist. Madonna will do anything you want, baby, even if that’s pointing a gun at you or flashing her arse yet again – and if you protest, you are accused of being old, patriarchal, conservative. If not wanting to be exposed to Madonna’s witchy face, self-consciously ‘lithe’ body or any other part of her unhappy form anytime her PR company decides makes me conservative, then so be it.

Madonna continues to sell alot of records, concert tickets, condoms, dildoes and chocolate bars too presumably. This is ‘success’ defined by another western era, long before the angry, awake, disillusioned 99% era of now. If being queen bitch is so important, so satisfying to her insatiable vacuity and endless, hypocritical, painfully public ‘spiritual’ searching, she gets fully what she deserves, and apparently, unavoidably, so do we: but as with Bush, Mubarak, Jobs, and al-Assad, every despot has their day.

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