God Mode

Bio: God Mode was formed in 2013 by five friends who were in search for playing metalcore. Band members are;

Berkay Üner; Vocals
Togay Çalıkoğlu; Guitars
Tayfun Deniz; Guitars
Hakan Dinçer; Bass
Ali Erdem Uzunay; Drums

All of the members were actively playing in various Izmir metal bands in the past years. And we were close friends, as well.

The harmony between Tayfun and Togay and the will to make music together gave the inspiration to form God Mode. Incorporating Berkay, Hakan and Erdem, God Mode took its final shape.

Genre: Genre came out from the common taste of music of the members. Furthermore, this genre is the most suitable one for our stage performance.

Evolution of the initial musical and thematic elements: When Tayfun and Togay started composing, they were dreaming the each riff as if they were playing it on the stage. Their common taste in music has been the first steps of the band’s language. In the meantime, the unfortunate events happening at their countries and around the world gave the touch of aggression.

Lyrics, themes and concepts: The way that the world (humans) we live in treats us and the way we treat the world(nature) is a reason to fear for every individual who is in search of truth(true intentions of the actions).I write the lyrics in sense of tearing down this fear’s persistence. Naturally, the music of resistance brings aggression along itself. All these circumstances leave scars on people who just try to survive. Trying to stand against society’s and some authority’s insincerities and their hypocritical behaviours forms lyrics. And they are composed and carved into the songs.

Ideas about the album: We are pleased by our product by all means. Especially, breakdowns and surprise endings became our characteristic feature. We have always room for improvement especially in track lengths and general editing. Having room for improvement is a great motivation for us to work even harder.

Reception: Before releasing our album, we were able to play our own songs in concerts. The audience were amazed by the band and the songs they have never heard before which made us believe in what we were doing. In general, reactions are positive and there is an ascending interest in band.

Preference; live or studio: Of course being on the road! We are dreaming to be with our listeners since the beginning.

Next step; live or studio: From the first moment till now, our goal has been carrying our music to the stage. We plan to play at every opportunity we find.
We will be focusing on our second album along the summer. After the summer, we are planning to have a single and a new clip and offer it to our listeners’ taste. And also we are working on making a tour along our country for our second album’s promotion.

Future plans: God Mode is formed by very close friends, so our goal is to be permanent. We are creative when we are together and we want to show this to as many people as we can. But right now, we are staying focused to improve general quality of our music.

Composers: Tayfun and Togay are composing the riffs and all the members are involved in editing and making it a whole.

Lyrics are written by our vocal Berkay.

Inspirations:Chimaira, As I Lay Dying, Lamb of God, In Flames, Parkway Drive…

Preference; cater to the audience or music for its own sake: We are interested in the stage and reaching the audience. Our basic concern is to have our audience with us because they feel we do something for them as much as the quality of the band.

Greatest Accomplishment: Bringing this crew together , publishing our video clip directed by Mete Kekilli and our album’s concept.

Anything else? Our goal is to surprise our audience at each gig. We would like to thank them for every sweat they drop. Keep in touch.

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