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Seventh Station First Single Release

Hey guys,

I came across this wonderful song today on Facebook and wanted to give you guys a heads up, too.  “Abnormal Circles Doubtful Hour” is the first single of the international progressive metal band Seventh Station. Their debut album “Between Life and Dreams” will be officially out on 7th of September 2016.

Abnormal Circles Doubtful Hour is a song dealing with the conflict of a unknown signs and it meanings. The music changes from one colour to another during the song which describing the hesitation of the main hero.

Seventh Station is a an international progressive metal band based in Slovenia. Lead by guitarist Dmitri Alperovich and includes names such as my dear friend, great musician Eren Başbuğ (known for his work with progressive metal pioneers Dream Theater, Jordan Rudess etc) and Israeli Vocalist Davidavi (Vidi) Dolev (Omb, Reign of the Architect etc ) the band debut album ‘Between Life and Dreams’ deals with the concept of being caught between two stools, having different secret signs showing different ways and choices.

Make sure to check them out on Soundcloud and their Facebook page.

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