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Honey Badger’s Top 30 albums of 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, it’s time for those of us in the journalism community to share our top albums of the year. Keep in mind that these are my opinions and not those of The Lady Herself, Nem, or our amazing staff of authors. I don’t consider myself an expert by any means and I’m sure that there were albums that I missed or just plain forgot about..or just didn’t care for. The main point of publishing this list is to shine a spotlight on the hard working bands that created the music that touched me deeply this year. These bands deserve all the credit and I hope by sharing these picks and videos I have given you the reader some new music to check out and support! So with that said..on to the picks!

30. Thunderstone Apocalypse Again

29. Serenity – Codex Atlanticus

28. Freedom Call – Master of Light

27. Withem – The Unforgiving Road

26. Hammerfall – Built to Last

25. Sinbreed – Master Creator

24. Rhapsody of Fire – Into The Legend

23. Iron Savior – Titancraft

22. Oceans of Slumber – Winter

21. Twilight Force – Heroes of Mighty Magic

20. Enbound – The Blackened Heart

19. Sunburst – Fragments of Creation

18. Devin Townsend Project – Transcendence

17. Innerwish – Innerwish

16. Amaranthe – Maximalism

15. Eternity’s End – The Fire Within

14. Nordic Union – Nordic Union

13. Dynazty – Titanic Mass

12. Light & Shade – The Essence of Everything

11. DGM – The Passage

10. Epica – The Holographic Principle

9. Blind Ego – Liquid

8. Universal Mind Project – The Jaguar Priest

7. Haken – Affinity

6. Delain – Moonbathers

5. Myrath – Legacy

4. Pretty Maids – Kingmaker

3. Fates Warning – Theories of Flight

2. Evergrey – The Storm Within

at at the top…my top pick for concert of the year in NYC, favorite song of 2016 Let The Storm Descend Upon You, and the album never budged from my top stop…..

1. Avantasia – Ghostlights

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