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Arkaen- Arkaen

There is a reason why we, the authors at Lady Obscure, invest our time and passion in rescuing bands from the dark. Back in the day, when the Lady herself founded this webzine, she meant to create a special place where you could come to find your next favorite band, talented artists we were just dying to show you… Obscure artists indeed, yet often owners of much more talent and virtuosity than some notorious few. Arkaen it’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about. This band reminds me once again why I began to write reviews in the first place. Their demo, which includes only 4 tracks, has captivated me deeply. And I can’t help but crave for more.

I mean, don’t you just love when you come across a band and album you know squat of, and by the first minute of the first song you’re hooked and turned already into a die-hard fan of them? That’s my kind of love at first sight, guys. Coming from the bay area as our fellow author RJ Dunn (Who actually introduced me to the band) , Arkaen has delivered us a short yet neat tracklist. The band formed by singer Oriol (Uri) Nieto, bassist Eli Remas, drummer Sean Henson, and guitarists Joey Nunez and Garey Rickher; have achieved to bring up a top notch set, genuinely progressive all around, with some notorious heavy influences, and totally charged with emotion.

In these 4 tracks that bleed talent and passion, Arkaen tells us a story that may ring a bell in all of us. Musically neat and smoothly designed, we start the ride with Innocence, a catchy, dark, polished song, simple yet full of details, each one of these exploding every second in your brain. A trippy guitar riff introduces us to Uri’s astonishing voice. Bass hitting deep like a cut and all the other instruments dancing in synchrony make of this one a neat, rich and fascinating song, t. When We Fall starts as an interesting easy-paced track, which develops progressively into a much darker, insane and sophisticated structure as the vocals break down, going in crescendo as myriad emotions are coming to life within the lyrics. By this point I was already hooked, and I had to put this song on a loop, absorbing every new detail as I was discovering them, the same way you recognize and sense the flavors in a new delicious food. Another Lie comes after this, and by its name I was expecting lyrics full of deception and bitterness. Guess what? I was right (tee hee…) One of those melancholic, slow paced tracks that caresses the edges of modern doom metal, which you would blast full volume in the car on a rainy night, crying like a baby. A personal favorite. At last, Gleam shines as a 7 minutes epic track as a kind of summary of every distinctive sound the band has made their own. An infectious sharpened guitar, combined with sweetly dolorous melodies. An enjoyable neat track that shows us once again the incredible potential this band has.

Highly recommended for fans of metal and rock in general, as its lyric content and musical richness won’t disappoint anyone. Specially recommended for A perfect Circle, Tool and Deftones fans. Actually… It doesn’t really matter who are you fan of, do yourself a favor and check Arkaen’s new demo. You can thank me later.

Arkaen’s debut EP can be purchased and sampled here

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