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Divided Multitude – Divided Multitude

Divided Multitude is a progressive metal powerhouse from Norway who are celebrating their 20th anniversary with the release of their latest self-titled album. The reason why the title is appropriate is because of the intricacy and layers, which build and improve upon the foundation of their previous release, 2013’s fantastic Feed On Your Misery.

Divided Multitude is Christer Harøy (Guitar) Anders Vinje (Drums), Rayner Harøy (Bass), Eskild Kløften (Keyboards), and Sindre Antonsen (Vocals). Depth was once again produced by the band and mixed and mastered by the amazing Jacob Hansen. The new album also boasts two amazing vocalists, Terje Harøy (Pyramaze/ Crossnail) on Demise, and Brian Ashland (Shadow Gallery/ Eden) on the epic ballad, Proud.

The band had an amazing 2014 perorming at two high profile events, ProgPower USA and the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise. When it came time to record Depth, the band chose to start a crowdfunding campaign to fund the making of the album. The campaign was an overwhelming success, allowing the band to release the album to their growing fanbase.

The album kicks off with the jackhammer drumming/riffing of Immortal. Vocalist Sindre Antonsen surprises the listener with a guttural vocal bordering on metalcore during the verses but quickly turns to the quality melodic vocal he is known for along with some accompanying soaring vocal harmonies.

Closure is a progressive powerhouse filled with sweet keyboard melodies, harmony guitars, and complex and intricate drumming. Antonsen’s vocals are stellar once again with a wide vocal range that he uses to great effect and combined with the harmony vocals the choruses become massive.

Only For You is a driving melodic progressive rocker with a killer harmony guitar and lead work by Christer Harøy and some fine proggy keyboard wizardry by Eskild with Rayner and Vinje holding down the tight precise rhythm section. As expected, the chorus is massive and catchy as hell with huge vocals and harmonies.

The rumbling bass of Rayner Harøy permeates the chugging guitars on Sacrificed. Truly one of the standout tracks on the album with a majestic anthemic feel and some exceptional guitar/keyboard lead trade offs.

Another stand out track is the beautiful and heartfelt semi-ballad titled Proud. As mentioned earlier, Shadow Gallery vocalist Brian Ashland provides co-lead vocals on this track, which has a Pink Floyd meets Queensrÿche vibe to it. Ashland’s vocals have an eerie similarity to former Rÿche vocalist Geoff Tate during his prime. This song is definitely an album highlight with great vocals and songwriting.

Demise is a fast and unrelenting heavy prog metal track as vocalist Antonsen is joined by Pyramaze vocalist and fellow brother of Christer and Rayner, Terje Harøy. The two vocalists styles mesh perfectly as they trade gorgeously sweet vocal lines and melodic harmonies. Once again some fine lead guitar work and thrashing drums make this another standout track.

Eskild gets his share of the spotlight with some amazing keyboard dexterity on the intro to Defined. The keyboards permeate the song only adding melody to the heavy chugging guitars. The chorus is another massive one with Sindre’s upper register on display. Antonsen also uses his guttural voice quite effectively here in a small dose as Eskild’s keyboard skills take center stage again but never over power the song.

How Many Tears is another masterful melodic prog song with the band pulling out incredible musicianship and superb songwriting along with one of the albums best choruses.
The band shows it can groove with the best of them on the Depth with lots of hooks, which has a great vocal performance from Sindre and yet another amazing chorus that soars majestically.

The albums closing song Seal of Faith is a dark and eerie song with a somber dirge and an understated vocal performance from Sindre. The song has a unique feel compared to the rest of the album and also has the distinction of featuring four of the five members of the band on vocal duties. The chorus is powerful and gorgeous with its melodies and amazing vocal harmonies.

Even though the band has been around for 20 years it seems like the Norwegian progressive metal band is just starting to make waves in the metal community. I am greatly looking forward to following Divided Multitude’s career closely. This album is a must for fans of dark heavy melodic progressive metal.

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