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Voodoo Circle – Whiskey Fingers

The music of Alexander Beyrodt’s Voodoo Circle are like a pair of your favorite jeans, they are comfortable, familiar, they slip back on with ease, and are cozy as hell! The new album Whiskey Fingers is the bands follow up to 2013’s incredible More Than One Way Home. The title Whiskey Fingers comes from a quote by Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens:

“I once had a discussion with Eddie Van Halen, when we toured together. We started discussing guitarists that influenced us and why we liked them. He said “they all had whisky on their fingers” Meaning you could hear the years of playing in bars and gigs getting into their soul. We both understood how those years of playing in front of people allowed us to develop. I hear a lot of newer players that are technically really gifted, but they sound like they spent all that time in their bedrooms. It just doesn’t connect to me the same way. Before joining Billy Idol, I had been in 4 bands…one of which spent years playing 3 sets a night….3 nights a week…in front of people. I am so grateful for every minute I did so.”

If any current guitarist in rock/metal conveys the attitude and swagger of playing with Whiskey Fingers, it is Voodoo Circle mainman Alex Beyrodyt. While Beyrodt has other bands where he gets to get his metal rocks off (Primal Fear/Silent Force), Voodoo Circle is a labor of love harkening back to Beyrodt’s axe-slinging heroes Jimmy Page, Ritchie Blackmore, and John Sykes to create a hard rockin’ blues band with virtuosity as well as expertly crafted songs that pay tribute to the bands of his youth including Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Whitesnake, and more. The metal/rock supergroup which consists of Beyrodt (guitars) David Readman (Lead Vocals) Francesco Jovino (Drums) Alessandro Del Vecchio (Keyboards & Vocals) and Mat Sinner (Bass & Vocals).

New keyboardist Del Vecchio also adds a new dimension to the band, mixing and mastering the album, as well as contributing stellar background vocals and sharing lead vocals with Readman on the songs Trapped In Paradise and Been Said and Done. Anyone who can hang toe to toe with the bluesy frontman Readman is more than okay in my book!

Whiskey Fingers takes the band in a more bluesy direction than the previous albums, but this is no complaint, just an observation. But fear not fans of 80’s inspired hard rock with heavy tracks like the sing-a-long Medicine Man (which should go over well in a live environment, the afore-mentioned anthemic Trapped in Paradise, and the Deep Purple party song 5 O’clock, with it’s melodic ode to a certain “Woman From Tokyo”, the hard and heavy boogie of Devil Takes Me Down, and the epic vibe of Been Said And Done. There are bluesy softer moments on The Day The Walls Came Down, the Zeppelin-esque acoustic intro to Watch and Wait which quickly transforms into a sexy strut of bombastic hard rock, and gorgeous melodies of The Rhythm of My Heart. Readman’s classy vocals are on fire throughout as he crushes each lyric and melody line with fire and passion.

Whiskey Fingers continues Voodoo Circle’s ascension to the upper echelon of today’s best hard rock bands. Grab this album as soon as possible, you will not be disappointed!

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