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Sinbreed – Master Creator

The German Melodic Speed metal masters, Sinbreed have returned with their third studio album, Master Creator, out now on AFM Records. If you are a fan of their first album When Worlds Collide, or their sophomore release Shadows, then you will be very pleased with Master Creator, as the band led by guitarist Flo Laurin, Blind Guardian drummer Frederik Ehmke, and vocalist Herbie Langhans (guitarist Marcus Siepen also of Blind Guardian, just recently left the band. On their upcoming live shows the band will therefore perform as a four-piece.) have created another masterpiece of heavy power metal with flair, aggression, and melody.

Master Creator wastes no time in hitting the listener square in the face with a Teutonic blast of powerful speed metal on Creation of Reality, a subtle, if not unintentional nod to fellow German metal heroes Helloween with their use of harmony guitar leads and double bass speed metal drumming. Langhans voice is as powerful as ever, sounding like he is gargling with razor blades to deliver a raw and aggressive performance. Langhans vocal prowess is nothing short of remarkable as he can go from gritty, to melodic (see his work with prog metal band Beyond the Bridge), to gothic hard rock (check out his guest appeance on the song Draconian Love off of the new Avantasia album Ghostlights).

The next track, Across The Great Divide continues the breakneck pace with a flurry of buzzsaw riffs and lightning fast double bass drumwork. The chorus is massive and soaring with melody and powerful harmony vocals. Behind A Mask has a more mid-tempo vibe but that doesn’t lack for any power or aggression on the track. The kickass main riff is razor sharp and sets the tone for the rest of the song., which includes a magnificent harmony guitar lead that would make the mighty Iron Maiden proud.

Next up is the bands first single/video from Master Creator, Moonlit Night. The song has a killer riff that is reminiscent of classic Jake E. Lee era Ozzy. Langhans gets to stretch his vocal abilities, using his raspy growl as well as his mid-range, and lower register. The chorus is nothing short of magnificent, a masterful display of melody and power.

Next up is the title track, another barn-burning speed metal anthem with blazing riffs and quick as lightning drumwork that has classic Kiske-era Helloween written all over it, especially the hard driving and melodic chorus! Last Survivor is another great metal anthem that has a sound and energy that is a throwback to the classic melodic metal of the 1980’s .

The album slows down for the emotionally charged piano driven power ballad with a metal edge, At The Gates. Langhans delivers an understated yet wonderful vocal performance here, showing why he is one of the most sought after and in demand vocalists in the power metal genre today. The band throws a little funky keyboard section and groove on the opening moments into The Riddle, but never sacrifices the heavy aspect of their sound as the song is charged with power and melody.

The Voice is another throwback to the classic metal of decades past, complete with a high pitched scream from Langhans to kick things into metal gear! The band clearly has roots in the sound of eighties heavy metal and aren’t afraid to show it.

The album closes with the galloping Maiden-esque On The Run, another song that delivers on every level to satisy the most ardent fan of European speed and power metal. The chorus is executed perfectly with a majestic and bombastic soaring melody.

With Master Creator, Sinbreed continues their ascension into the upper echelon of today’s top speed and power metal acts. The future is extremely bright for Langhans and company!

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