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Iron Savior – Titancraft

German power metal stalwarts Iron Savior have returned just two years after the release of 2014’s Rise of the Hero with another slab of Teutonic sci-fi inspired heavy metal titled Titancraft (released on May 20th via AFM Records). Band leader and metal mastermind Piet Sielck mixed and mastered the eleven song album and it features all of the trademarks that fans have come to expect from the band, fast-paced,, fist-raising anthems that deliver the goods in every way.

The thunderous drums of Thomas Nack start off the ominous Under Siege, a bombastic majestic into intro the title track, a high-octane power metal melter that has power, speed, and a glorious, uplifting chorus with multi-harmony vocals very reminiscent of classic Blind Guardian. The harmony guitar leads from Sielck and fellow guitarist Piesel Küstner are majestic and slick as hell.

Way of the Blade is pure heavy metal, a bottom heavy song with a guitar riff recalling the glory days of fellow German metallers Accept. This is a headbanging rocker with a huge melodic chorus that is meant to be played loud.

Seize The Day is another loud and proud track with attitude and swagger with a verse and bridge that builds to another sing-a-long chorus. The next song is a mix of sci-fi meets a heavy metal spaghetti western on Gunsmoke. The sound has a moody vibe with a kickass groove and massive memorable chorus. Next up is the soaring Beyond The Horizon that has a driving melody and energy.

Another standout track is The Sun Won’t Rise In Hell, which is an anthemic fist-in-the-air heavy metal perfection with shredding guitars and a shout-a-long chorus. The speed and power return on Strike Down the Tyranny, a heavy power metal call to arms as is Brothers In Arms, a moody, slow burner of a song with the rhythm section of Nack and bassist Jan Eckert driving the songs heavy low end.

Things slow down on the heavy metal power metal ballad I Surrender, a tender vocal from Sielck and some lovely harmony vocals give the song an uplifting feel.
The albums final track to end the album, Rebellious, is a traditional foot stomping and galloping hard rocker with a Primal Fear-esque chorus.

Iron Savior has yet again delivered a fine album that will appeal to fans of power metal and heavy metal in general. Definitely pick this one up and get ready to bang your head!

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