Honey Badger’s Interview with Sean Tibbetts of Sault/Kamelot

Honey Badger recently attended the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise to Labadee Haiti and he had the opportunity to sit down with Kamelot bassist Sean Tibbetts and discuss his brand new band called Sault

Sault was a creation formed by bassist Sean Tibbetts in 2014 and was originally going to be a solo album. The project soon morphed into Sault, a band that has created a truly unique style of music.

After looking for the right guitarist for quite some time Sean was introduced to guitarist Curtis Jay by long-time friend Bisquette Bewley while at a tattoo parlor. Curtis was asked to record on a few tracks for the Sault demo. The two instantly knew there was something special in the music they had just created and were driven to start on a journey that would soon lead to a full length album.

Next was to find a singer that had a truly original quality in his voice and would fit the dark melodic melodies they were creating. Many talented singers were auditioned but none were quite what the two were looking for. After speaking with singer Kimberly Freeman of the band One Eyed Doll, Sean was referred to her friend Benjamin Riggs (Riggs). Sean contacted Riggs and asked if he would be interested in working on the project. Riggs wrote and recorded on the demo tracks and soon after hearing his truly unique vocal style was asked to be a member of the band.

Sean, being a member of the Symphonic metal band Kamelot, asked his long-time friend and band mate, Casey Grillo, if he would be interested in recording the drum tracks on the Sault album. The two had held down the rhythm in Kamelot together for years and it was a natural fit.

Sean Tibbetts
is the bassist and founding member of the hard rock band Sault. Also an original and current member of the legendary symphonic metal Kamelot. Studio musician and touring artist best known for his insane stage performances. Sean was also an extreme metal bassist for Royal Anguish (Fear Dark Records, Netherlands) and Wykked Wytch (Demolition Records). Endorsements include: ESP Basses, Alien Ears in-ear monitors, Nady and Wornstar clothing.

Curtis Jay
Originally from Palmyra Pennsylvania, Curtis has spent the last Few decades travelling learning and working in many facets of the music industry. Playing guitar ,writing and recording through much of the 90s He then attended the conservatory of recording arts , After his education in audio sciences he worked in the engineering field in Az and then mixing live sound while at the same time preforming in bands in the Philadelphia area as well as teaching guitar. Relocating to the gulf coast of florida in 2012 and has spent most of the last 3 years working on his solo project “Inside the machine” available for listening on reverbnation . While in Fl he crossed paths with Sean Tibbetts in a tattoo shop in Port Charlotte where they discussed the possibility of a joint musical venture focusing on a new sound for hard rock/metal. Soon after Curtis began writing with Sault to complete their current project.

Benjamin Riggs
Throughout the years, Riggs was the vocalist or guitarist for
several bands, most notably, the nationally touring metal band he
co-founded called Arcanium. Releasing two albums and touring
with bands such as Megadeth, Machine Head, Bullet for My
Valentine, Otep, Ill Niño, and One-Eyed Doll, Arcanium started to
gather national attention. One of Riggs’ closest friends turned out to be his tour-mate Kimberly Freeman of One-Eyed Doll. Sean Tibbetts, of Kamelot fame, was also a mutual friend of Kimberly Freeman when heconfided in her that he was putting together his own band and was seeking a lead vocalist. Kimberly immediately thought of her friend Riggs and introduced the two. Riggs, combined with bassist
Sean Tibbetts, guitarist Curtis Jay, and Drummer Casey Grillo,
formed Sault and began writing and recording what is to become
their first full length album debut

Casey Grillo
Originally from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Casey Grillo has, over the last twenty years developed into one of the most admired, respected and versatile drummers playing anywhere in the world. Casey began honing his skills when he was only eight years old and was working with national artists while he was still in his teens. As a sixteen year old prodigy Casey was recording and touring with CBS artist Debra Dejean who was nominated for a Grammy for her song “Goose Bumps.” Capitalizing on his passion and love for the drums and taking advantage of the global love of good music Casey soon found himself not only touring the US but also playing in bands from as far away as Sweden, Russia and Finland.

Casey is now most often associated with Kamelot, one of the most original and prestigious acts within the genre of Metal. Casey joined Kamelot in 1997 and has contributed to, and played on, Kamelot’s last nine albums, which have sold many hundreds of thousands of copies in Europe, The United States and in South America. Kamelot is one of metal’s most active touring bands and Casey finds himself on the road, in some distant country, for many months each year. Casey’s skills have developed through more than twenty years as a professional studio and recording musician and his playing draws respect from musicians and fans wherever he is seen. His double bass skills are astounding and his hands and overall technique reveal a studied and musical past.

Casey is now based in Tampa, Florida and, when he is not on the road with Kamelot, he can be found, producing artists at his studio, playing with local musicians and passing on his skills through private lessons.

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